Standby Widget goes responsive

The standby widget snippet has need around for a while and doing it’s job in lots of my projects but now more and more of my projects is using bootstrap. So then there was time to also change the standby widget to support bootstrap. This is the first version that will give you a responsive standby “loading” indicator.

Download the updated version here

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Patrick Kwinten

Hi Fredrik,

a recommendation. When the user selects to close the dialog the user expects that the action will also discontinue. I do not believe this is happening in your code?

Perhaps you should embed code to cancel the partia lrefresh e.g. as described here:


excellent Fredrik … I was wondering about new contributions related to Bootstrap


[…] Norling has posted a new XSnippet on OpenNTF for a responsive standby  widget.  Great since in my current project a) I use Bootstrap for responsive behavior b) some operations […]

Don Deal

The original version works on my bootstrap-themed app, but the new responsive version hangs on fairly simple partial refreshes. I don’t really need it for partial refresh, but it would be very helpful during save/submit, but how?