Some performance tips for your Domino / XPages servers

When your applications has grown very big you might face a problem with performance in this case I had a customer with quite a large crm system that in some cases got very high disk io but the cpu didn’t spike.

neither did the memory almost 50% not used by the system.

So what I did was I increased the memory available for the XPage runtime JVM using HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize

and to get get better database performance I increased the database IO buffers using


also using cacheset tool I increased the amount of memory that Windows will cache files using, this can give you quite a lot of performance because Windows will keep more files in memory instead of reading everything from disk and if you have a newer server with more than 8GB of memory why not use the memory. You can change this when the server is running and find your optimal settings.

You need to trim this depending on how much free memory your server has and you don’t want to run out of memory.

If you have some more tips for the community feel free to comment.

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Sean Cull

What values did you use ?

Patrick Kwinten

to what sizes you set them?

the problem with xpages from a server perspective is that you have so little monitor tools

Pablo solar ortega
If you have a big data ,also to your details i think will be to trnasform to json rest or similar basic consults, in order to manipulate strings thats powerfull to save in scopes por beans. Other perfomance greater for me, was ssd disk to viewrebuild dir and the transactional logging with 60 gb. Other question that i really check was , while domino server carries full text index or update task in server , server is really down , so check what nsf you have and their priorities to índex hour, inmidiate , etc, with a big crm is… Read more »