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Application Scope lesson learned today

I got an email a few days ago regarding my Document Locker openntf project. The question was why it didn’t work. I tested my application and it worked as expected. But then I thought perhaps the developer is using the code from XPinc because I added a Xpinc page in the project and I must confess I didn’t test that before releasing the project as much as I usually do.

And this was the case, they where using an XPinc application. And the lesson in this was.

application scope is only applicationScope if you run the code from an web browser and not if the XPage is runned as an XPinc application or if you run it using the new Domino 9 XPinc run on server option. 

Application Scope is private in XPinc applications, it is not an application scope that is shared between users.

Small Talk – What’s Up my latest contrbution to OpenNTF.org

Check out my latest contribution to openntf.org Small Talk this is application will help you spread all these small talks around the Coffee Machine in your organization. Small Talk can be added to the Sidebar in your Notes Client, thru a Mobile Client or Directly within the application.

Check it out at openntf.org Link to Project

Local XPages problem and webpreview port

I wrote about the new function that you could change the webpreview port in 8.5.3
unfortunately this gives you another problem if you change the port.

You can’t run local XPages in the client web preview works fine, if you change the port back make sure you write 80 in the field. If you just clear the field you will still get problems.


Where does SSJS print show in the notes client

Where does SSJS Print() in the client end up I answered a question in the XPage forum yesterday but I thought that this might be something worth writing
a line about because this is one of the things that I was wondering about when starting with XPages. To view the print statement you should look in the menu
Help -> Support -> view trace
Or you could create a new icon and in the property box for target
add the following -RPARAMS – console
The last param is also great when debugging Notes clients that doesn’t startup. But beware if you close the console window the client crashes!!