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Sorry Samsung, Apple you’re wrong

Samsung, Apple and the Peddle smart watch everybody seams to releasing watches now but how smart is these watches. They have displays, and different kinds of sensors, but smart, I don’t know. They are only an extension of the phone. because you need the phone for them to work.

Then I watched one of the keynotes from Dreamforce 14

And saw the new cuff phone smart watch PULS created by Will I AM this might not be the best product but the way is the correct one. Create the smart device and place it around your wrist always close to you, not the other way around. When you want a bigger screen send the image to a bigger screen like when you use airplay.

Will I Am has also created a charging jacket so when you jacket sleeve comes in contact with the Puls, it charges that’s really clever. And that isn’t all he has also more, glasses, shoes and other smart wareables.

I think this is the next gen of smart watches.