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More memory for the IBM Notes client and an utility update

I’ve updated my Designer Memory Configurator to fix some problems reported to me.

The new version number is 2.1 also remember that your ordinary IBM Notes client also gets speed by giving it some more memory. Let your client free.

Download the new version here


Also check out my other utilities

Client killer and Snippet Sync

The new XPageDeveloper Utility is here Snippet Sync

Eclipse Code Snippets in HCL Lotus Domino Designer is a great way to develop faster with ready made code snippets, that you can paste into your software. Easy to add and easy to use but there is a major problem. It’s very hard to share snippets within a development team or from a community. And we all like sharing so this is where Snippet Synd comes into the picture. This software helps syncing Snippets categories and all snippets inside that category. Snippet Sync can sync from a file location or a web location so the updating a snippets just became very SIMPLE.

If you don’t know what the designer snippets are check out this Notes in 9 video –> Link

I have also created a GitHub Repository with some snippets to start with. They can be found here. The idea is that these can be contributed from the community or replaced by an official one from openntf.org in a later release.

Download Snippet Sync Here


Improvement suggestions is always welcome 🙂

Make your Domino Designer more responsive and stable

I came across a support document by IBM telling that increasing memory in the Domino Designer will make the client more responsive and stable.


This document also introducted another memory parameter xmca this parameter is now added to

The Designer memory configurator version 1.2  Link

Client Killer v2.0 released now controlled with cmdline

Version 2.0 of Client Killer is released this release can be controlled using the commandline

Client Killer -kill  Will automatically kill the Lotus Notes Client

Client Killer -Killandclean Will kill the Lotus Notes client adn clean the log files

Client Killer -Clean Will just Clean the log files (Make sure that the Notes Client isn’t running) 

The usage of this is i.e cleanup the log files when users logon to their computer in login scripts.

Link to the new version –>> Client Killer

XPageDeveloper – Client Killer v1.1 with log file cleaner

A new version of my Client killer software is released this new version has support for cleaning up log files that the Client is producing in the following folders workspace/logs and IBM_Technical_Support. You can run the client killer with and without the Notes client running, If you only want to clean up the log files. 




The size of the log file folders is presented directly when the client is started.

Download the new version here