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Maximum file upload size in HCL Domino all the places to edit

If you ever wanted to increase the file upload size in Domino you have probably seen that there are several places to update depending on the configuration. I was increasing this on a server this week and missed one of the places and couldn’t understand where I missed, Per-Henrik Lausten pointed me what I missed. So I though I would write a post about this I might help someone else, or help me the next time I forget.

Open up the Server document and go to the “Internet Protocols” tab and the “HTTP” tab








At the bottom right corner, to the “HTTP Protocol Limits” Section









And change the “Maximum size of request” to the size you want to increase to

Now move to the basic tab and check if the server is using “Internet Sites”










If your server doesn’t load from “Internet sites” you need to open the “Internet protocols” tab again

and follow the same instruction as in “Internet Site” document.

in other case close the server document and open up the view “Server\Internet Sites”











Open up the corresponding Internet Sites that you want to change or open all of them and change if you want the same size on everybody. On the “Domino Web Engine” tab



















On the “POST Data” section change the Max post size to the new maximum file size you want to have.

If you are using an old Domino application you are done now. After reloading the HTTP task on the server.

But if you application is an XPage application there is another place you need to control the file size, and that is in Application Configurations and xsp.properties file in you database and the File Upload Option.

Or if you want to add it globally add it to the xsp.properties file in the Domino\Data\Properties folder in xsp.properties.






If you want to increase the size for iNotes there is a third place that you might need to increase and that is in the Servers\Configurations document for the server. Click on the “iNotes” tab and update the “Mamimum attachment size” and save the document. Restart the http task on the server to make the changes get affect.













If you got any problems some Domino configuration or got help from this post, make a comment.

Long live Domino just give us TLS 1.3 support NOW!!