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Check out the new version of Small Talk live Demo

Openntf has enabled to so you can test some of the applications live
check it out here Link 

If you like what you see and I think you do you can get your own copy here Link

Read more what new in Small Talk –> Link

 Small Talk moves the internal communication to new limits, everybody knows everything and that’s instant!!

Small Talk 2.0 – Move your internal communication to new limits

Small Talk Release 2.0 has been released on OpenNtf.org

This release has what I think important improvements that gives a new angle of Social
It’s great with likes and retweets of you posts. But with the new version your coworkers can
Flattr you for internal posts done in Small Talk. Internal posts you might say that is internal and you can write about it and certainly not use Flattr. Well that is taken care of in Small talk, Small Talk will only send to Flattr that something has been Flattred using a Small Talk Post. So your secrets is safe with Small Talk.

The new version also includes alot of improvments as Reader user acess now works, Avatar images works, Tag Clouds for popular taggs and Users is displayed and alot of other improvmements.

Small Talk is now even more the tool for you internal communication or storage point for all infomation that you can’t put in your CRM or Development system.

Take Small talk for a test drive and let me know what you think 

Download Small Talk here