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Posting to Slack using Lotusscript

Integrating Slack into your domino applications is quite straight forward and we can actually reuse the same code as for Microsoft Teams. But first lets see what you need to do in your slack channel.

And select add an app

And Select Build in the top right corner and start building.
Now you can create your application and select the channel for it.

Create a Slack App for IBM Domino

Next step is to active incoming webhooks

Using incoming webhooks to post to Slack

You will now get a unique post URL for this Slack channel when you want to post application messages.

Now over to Domino designer

  1. Create a Lotusscript agent
  2. Add the following code
Dim session As New notessession
Dim SlackURL As String,Body As String,Message as string
message="Domino 10 Talks"
SlackURL="<Paste the Slack URL here>"
Dim http As NotesHTTPRequest
Set http=session.CreateHTTPRequest()
Call http.SetHeaderField("ContentType","application/json")
Call http.Post(SlackURL,Body)

This is how you simply post messages to a slack channel with Domino 10. Check out how to post to Microsoft teams if you haven’t