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More memory for the IBM Notes client and an utility update

I’ve updated my Designer Memory Configurator to fix some problems reported to me.

The new version number is 2.1 also remember that your ordinary IBM Notes client also gets speed by giving it some more memory. Let your client free.

Download the new version here


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Designer quick tip: Find the design element fast

I often have quite large databases at customers and in the QNova development phases with lots of design elements. You look at a button and find that and agent is used or a function is called in a script library, you switch to the agents view and starts to look inside the view for the agent by scrolling down.

But there is a better and faster way to find what you are looking for, Designer filter.


The filter is in all design element views so it’s not a XPage only feature.

The great thing about this is that it’s lightning fast and you could write parts of name and it doesn’t need to be in the beginning of the name.


A great feature that needs to have some light on it. It’ helps me be more productive everyday!

Working from the mailbox

I saw this great video a couple of days ago about the future of Collaboration

Great show how IBM Tech could help you to be more productive. But then I thought how could a organization be more productive today.

One thing could be to start sending smarter emails, make sure that you applications don’t just send stupid plain emails.

Add productive addons today, if your application sends an approval request to the manager, send the information he or she needs directly in the email. Add an approve / reject link in the email.

Move some of the logic to the mailbox of your users today and see what they think.

You could if your users are using the Notes client use the function “attach form” in the send function to send a complete Lotus Notes form with logic to your users. Add a comment field below the email and a send comment.

(Remember all the code must be inside the form, you can’t have i.e external LS libraries.)






Let’s save a couple of minutes for a user Today!