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How to become an active member of OpenNTF.org

With these simple steps your can actually start to publish xsnippets or projects to OpenNTF.org

  1. Sign up for a User account on openntf.org HERE
  2. Fillout the user Individual Contributor License agreement 
  3. Print the Form and sign it
  4. Scan it to PDF and send it to ipmanager at openntf com

Your are done, Congrats. Once your are approved, your can contribute fully to OpenNTF Projects.

If you need any assistance contact me and I will help you.


2014 a year of change

Looking back at 2014, I see the year that XPages really got accepted as the primary language for Domino.
IBM Bluemix got launched and the response was no XPage support in Bluemix, but in the last 2 months we saw that IBM had changed their minds and now there are talking of some kind of support for xPages apps in Bluemix. Great IBM that will get the community to start using the service even more if you can deploy your apps in a real scalable App Engine. The Domino OpenNTF API, evolved and have lot’s of great features like the graph database implementation.

My 2014 has been almost only XPages Development both internal with our application suite, custom applications for different companies and adding more customers to QNova:s application cloud  that has been a real success for the company I work for. My board work with OpenNTF has just started, lots of things to understand and I hope to be able to contribute even more in 2015.

Hope you all out there have a great holiday and come back in 2015 with new contribution power because we all can do more if we do it together.


Notes Client Killer 3.0 released

I have released a new version of the Notes Client Killer, this new version has support for

Notes 9 it also have a new feature Forced Mode, this will kill the tasks for the Notes client like the old
KillNotes application does. I have also repackaged the software so now it comes with an installer to make the installation process better and primary when you want to use it again.

Enjoy and hope it helps you when you are in trouble.

Download Notes Client Killer

Check out the new version of Small Talk live Demo

Openntf has enabled to so you can test some of the applications live
check it out here Link 

If you like what you see and I think you do you can get your own copy here Link

Read more what new in Small Talk –> Link

 Small Talk moves the internal communication to new limits, everybody knows everything and that’s instant!!

Sharing and Open Source

Sharing code is good and open source projects is also good. But neither of them puts food on the table.

When sharing code and software to a community like OpenNtf.org you often do so because you have found some good stuff before and feel that you also should give something back or you want to show your expertise. And there is probably alot of other reasons but those were just two examples.

But did you know that there is several ways to get something back.

What about offer your documentation as a printed copy. The people that feel your software is great can buy a printed copy and you will earn some money. There is several services one of them is www.lulu.com

Another way is to add flattr on your site and the people can show their appreciation. For some this has been a great way.

If you have a great idea for a open source project why not crowd fund it. This is a great way, get people involved and sponsor the building of a some great software. There are several sites for this.


You could offer professional support for your open source project for adaptation, installation or education.
Perhaps offer to setup a XWork Server with your open source software at a fixed price.

There is probably more ways, do you know a way please drop a comment so everybody can get to know that way.