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What are the visitor looking for?

I was doing some reading on google analytics about some stats on my site. The number one search keyword on my site from google is ????

XPages, no

Domino Designer, no

it’s NSD.exe, yes you read this right. with 70% of the search hits is against an article I wrote in 2011 about NSD and cpu usage, the second most searched article is my setup instruction of a mercurial source control server

If I check my articles for 2013 the number one top article is the release of Klient killer 3.0 and the second one is the release of the new version of Designer memory configurator

If I drill down to article of the month in Mars it’s the designer database compare quick tip post followed by Document Locking in Xpages

So the conclusion is that my readers have problem with the client and want a faster client & designer.

The great thing is that Notes 9 is already here and it’s very fast and even faster with my client memory tool.