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10 Developer Things I like IBM to show at Connect 2014

Exciting times Connect 2014 is around the corner unfortunately, I’m not attending in person but I will follow it closely as always.

These are the top 10 things I would like to see IBM show at connect

  • Update of Eclipse version in Domino Designer to get better coding environment
  • DOTS Designer Editor, an integrated editor in Domino Designer for DOTS tasklets. So they are as easy to create as an XPage/Agent.
  • Webdav support for attachment editing both for iNotes and Custom applications so users can edit and save files without download and upload attachments
  • Closer integration with Source Control, we want to do automated builds, and better fine tuning of DXL exports (Not all Binary or none binary)
  • New version of One UI that uses responsive design
  • Dojo or JQuery as backend framework for all controls
  • Editor for Faces-config to setup beans and all other things that needs to go in there
  • Social Business Toolkit upgrade for easier use of internet services, twitter, facebook, dropbox and more services. SBT has to much configuring today, with end points and configuring lots of files. This must be easier to get the wider use of this. 
  • HTML5 Websocket support 
  • Better richtext editing experience for the endusers To get a more smoother transition from old Notes Applications to XPage Applications

What thing do you wish??

Detecting runtime environment in HCL Notes applications

There are several ways to detects where a HCL Notes application is running depending what you want to detect.

@Platform – Detect the operating system where the application is running. post

@ClientType – Are you application running in the Notes Client or on the webb. @ClientType will return Notes or Webb as a textstring. hcl support post

@IsInCompositeApp – Running inside a composite application. returns True(1)/False(0)

@IsEmbeddedInsideWCT – Is the application running inside the Standard Notes Client it returns true or if it’s running inside the basic client then it returns False

@IsNotesBrowserPlugin – New in HCL Notes 9 to check if your application is running in the browser plugin. It returns True if it does and if not it returns False

@GetMachineInfo – This @Formula was created to handle explicit policy selections but it can be using is ordinary applications also. The great thing is that you can use this to detect if the machine is a Laptop, get the ip adress, mac adress, available memory and alot more. Check out this post

One thing to remember is that most of these functions is Notes client only.

Notes Client Killer 3.0 released

I have released a new version of the Notes Client Killer, this new version has support for

Notes 9 it also have a new feature Forced Mode, this will kill the tasks for the Notes client like the old
KillNotes application does. I have also repackaged the software so now it comes with an installer to make the installation process better and primary when you want to use it again.

Enjoy and hope it helps you when you are in trouble.

Download Notes Client Killer

Working from the mailbox

I saw this great video a couple of days ago about the future of Collaboration

Great show how IBM Tech could help you to be more productive. But then I thought how could a organization be more productive today.

One thing could be to start sending smarter emails, make sure that you applications don’t just send stupid plain emails.

Add productive addons today, if your application sends an approval request to the manager, send the information he or she needs directly in the email. Add an approve / reject link in the email.

Move some of the logic to the mailbox of your users today and see what they think.

You could if your users are using the Notes client use the function “attach form” in the send function to send a complete Lotus Notes form with logic to your users. Add a comment field below the email and a send comment.

(Remember all the code must be inside the form, you can’t have i.e external LS libraries.)






Let’s save a couple of minutes for a user Today!


Adding a dojo calendar control to traditional Notes date fields

When web enabling old Domino forms date fields has never been fun. users setting the wrong format, and the save breaks the form giving a error 500. There has been alot of dhtml calendar pickers that has been used some better and some worse of handling other browses than IE.  We all have these applications that is  very large and that you don’t can convert directly to XPages, then adding dojo to your old forms can help you.

 What do you need to do to get a dojo calendar control to work with a old date field in a form, not much actually. Dojo is really good of helping you to do this move.

First you have to decide if you want to host the dojo toolkit locally or thru i.e Google CDN.

It’s just the url:s in my example that you need to change if you want to host the dojo files in the html directory on your Domino server.

Add the following with passthru html to a subform

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/dojo/1.8.1/dojo/dojo.js"
djConfig="parseOnLoad: true"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/dojo/1.8/dijit/themes/tundra/tundra.css"/>

In 8.5.3 you could use this internal url to dojo instead of the CDN

When this is done you need to add this subform to your form.

You also need to add the theme class to the body attribute section of the form. 



On your date fields on the form add the following to the HTML attributes to the field

“dojoType=\”dijit.form.DateTextBox\” ” 

And your done, add the last row to all your date fields to get a calendar control in all of them.

This calendar control will use browser locale when deciding how the date should be displayed.

Or you can like I like to do set a pattern that matches the date format on the server by changing the dojo type we specified on the field to

“dojoType=\”dijit.form.DateTextBox\” constraints={datePattern:’yy-MM-dd’}”

The Dojo series will continue with more controls both in traditional Notes and in XPages.


Another XPageDeveloper.com Utility – Client Killer

Tired of killing the Notes client using the command line?

Client killer is the solution for you, a NSD.exe GUI that will find your Notes install folder and with a single click kill the notes client.

Hopefully you will never need to use it but if you do, get your free copy today 

Download Client Killer

nsd.exe high cpu fix run Client Killer

Notes Client as a browser plugin

After reading the post by Raj –>link about the Notes browser plugin in 8.5.4

This is great the Notes client as a browser plugin, all you old applications running in “browser notes”

Hopefully an automated install can be preformed so the user interaction is minimized to UserName and password, in the comment Raj writes that server name also needs to be specified. Hopefully this can be removed with some  install param. Or that you could get this from the server you download from.
Perhaps require a login on a Domino server thru http, then you know the username, password and homeserver directly. 

According to the blog post the install is 60MB and under one minute in install time.

I just want to say Woow this is real news for the corporate use of Lotus Notes.

Even if it’s an ordinary notes client behind the scen, it’s what the user sees that matters.

Good work IBM 

Ed Brill post about the Lotus Notes Browser Plugin

Lotus Notes, XPages Tagline Update

We had some talk on twitter using the hashtags


My own tagline suggestions for Lotus Notes and XPages are

Lotus Notes – More than a inbox

XPages – Xtending your business

What do you think, post a comment!

I have an Social Idea with these taglines but I will come back to that in a later post.

XPages and Lotus Notes needs a great Tagline / Slogan

Help to come up with a tagline slogan for Lotus Notes and one for XPages.
That we all can use to get a great feeling when we talk about these products with customers. 

if you have any suggestions post a comment

if there is anyone that could sponsor some prices for the best taglines, send me an email thru contact at the top of the page.

After this we can have a vote for the best taglines. 

Check out these company tagslines