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Internet of things is that something to care about

Finally is the revolution here, since I’ve started as a developer I have waited for this. Integration of things is really interesting. And will help us a lot, you might say why should my coffee maker be connected to the internet?

The answer to that is how many times have you asked yourself, did I turn off the coffee maker. That’s only one thing, add sensors to everything in your house and you can start to get an alarm if there is an water leakage, a fire is starting, the sensors can be added into so many things in houses, cars and electronics.

And the great thing is that the connected sensors can be used for private and company use and because the cost isn’t that high for the sensors we will start seeing lots of these both at work and at home. And then we also have wearables that can monitor your health or why don’t we have a sensor that will vibrate so you don’t hit your head in a low door post like a parking sensor for humans.

This is some very interesting IoT platforms to follow

Arduino – This is a great platform to create your own IoT platform, there is hundreds of IoT and sensor projects already created.

Espruino – an hardware board like Arduino but this board has Javascript as the language to develop software that runs on the board. Great for developers that doesn’t want to learn yet another language.

Little Bits – Another great platform to create great things fast. They have now released cloud bits that you can connect using IFTTT

Little bits have lots of bits that dies different tasks. But the latest two makes them more interesting that that is the cloudbit and the arduino bit.

It’s Lego for Internet of Things.

NEST – The newly Google bought smart thermostat company. This will probably be the start for the Google connected house.



IBM BlueMix has an IOT communication capabilities so this is also an interesting platform that you should keep a close eye on.




My conslusion is that YES, Internet of Things is very much something to care about as an developer because the system you create will with most certainty connect to things or wearables in some way.

If you have some more interesting IOT:s that you want to share please comment.

Another great developer book found

Summer is here and book reading time for me is also here, I’ve read and added this great resource to my desk at work, JQuery and Javascript Phasebook.

JQuery And JavaScript Phasebook

I often like to have all my resources as pdf files but in some cases a reference book can come in handy. Easy to pick up without the need for extra screens (They are full with applications anyway)

This book is one of them, if you develop using jQuery this book has lots of short code snippets that will come in handy when developing using JQuery and Javascript.




The book has the basics of setting up the JQuery framework and start using it to creating Dom nodes, setting css styles,classes. Adding animations to elements and also a little section on how to use JQuery mobile.

And the great part is that the book has quick explanations and then a code snippet that you can test, So you will get a great reference guide and also learn to use jQuery more when you develop new applications.

The books developer audience is developers that isn’t experienced JQuery Developers but what to get started or just started to use JQuery.

Get your own copy here or from amazon

QuickTip: Get right path when autolaunching an XPage

If you are using relative urls to you resources you might have got the problem with dead images and resources that doesn’t load. The obvious choice is to add the full url to the images.


The problem is often related to when you autolaunch an XPage on database open.

Notes Autolaunch Tab

But there is another way than adding the full url for the problem. You need to add a trailing slash to your path then everything will work as expected again. And using these few javascript lines added to your front page onload event or in a script on the page will fix the problem.

var h=window.location.href;


Strange Javascript numbers in IE9

I got a strange error today. I loaded some data using Ajax from a Domino view.

Looped thru the data and did some addition with the numbers. Nothing strange with this and
this code have been in production for a long time.


This code stopped working in IE9 both with and without compability mode. The code worked in Chrome and Firefox. If I ran the code using the IE9 debugger it also worked. But in IE9 it started to display the last parttot in the tot variable.

Strange or what???
It gets more strange. I changed the code to


and now the code works in all browsers.