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Verse 1.0.2 with Live text and send extensions

Yes you heard right, onpremise Verse gets extensionpoints that gives you the possibility to find text and populate this.

Live text demo showing clickable text that reveal actions you can take.

And also gives you the possibility to do intercept the user before a email is sent. This is great for compliance reasons.

There is more good stuff in there but this is really exciting a developer end point in to web email.

IBM Domino to be or not to be


The last week after MWLUG there has been numerous blog posts about Domino. No roadmap IBM is killing Domino, there is no future for Domino, IBM haven’t released any new releases since 9.01. That is not true at all, if we look at what has been released since 9.0.1 came to market. IBM Domino customers have received 6 fixpacks but they are not only fixpacks they are feature packs. Why, well the Domino http engine has received TLS 1.0 and later TLS 1.2 with new encryption methods. That is a major improvement if you ask me.
And if you go beyond the server and include traveler that I use all the time and see all new functionality that has been released there, and lately the possibility to use the Mobile Verse Client and Outlook mail support.

XPages Extension library has received 17 improvement releases for app development. These improvements has been adding updated one ui theme, jquery and jquery themes. Mobile development components, new xpages components and lots more. Yes, some improvements are better than others.
And with the upcoming FP7 that I hope will include Java 8 support, external view indexes and hopefully more. 

For IBM or other vendors to be able to keep up with everything happening needs new ideas and if you look at the market in general the release of new versions is moving from yearly big releases to quarterly or monthly improvement releases. I would rather want more small releases than one big one with a new number on it.

That is the change I’ve seen with 9.01 from big releases to quarterly improvements both with fix packs but also thru the extension library releases. And after reading some comments on other blogs (Johnnys) from Ed Brill a commitment to deliver maintenance until 2021 that is great if you ask me that means at least security fixes, fixpacks and hopefully new functionality. When everything comes around IBM Domino is a great platform to develop applications, run applications on and administer applications on. Yes it has it’s downsides but doesn’t all platforms have that if you look closely. 

I remember last time when Domino was dead but it’s still here.

Long Live IBM Domino


We now know that we will get feature packs and Fickpacks that will include most of the features that where scheduled for 9.02. I really hope that we will get the index outside of the NSF update and Live view updates with a interface for administration of them.

Bill Malchisky has created a two part blog post with a Summary of his talk with Barry Rosen Part 1 Part 2


Why you should move all routines to an application

How many paper based-routines does your company have?

If you are lucky you can answer none on this question, but are you sure?


  • What about vacations
  • When you are sick
  • Expence report
  • Time report
  • Purcase requests
  • Travel expense requests
  • Performance Appraisals (PA)

And there is probably lots more routines

If you still can say no, then your company has came very far and you are one of the lucky few employees that can work 100% digital.

These are some reasons why your company should move towards getting these routines/reports into an electronic workflow if your company still have paper-based routines.

These are my top 7 in no specific order.

  • Speed
  • Geographical boundaries
  • Easier reporting
  • Easier to follow up
  • History, who did what and when
  • Handling cost
  • Environment


Considerations when moving to an electronic workflow

These are some things that I need is

  • What devices are the users going to use when doing the reporting
  • Create / buy an application that support more than one workflow in the same application
  • Possibility to change the workflow with minimum cost when the business needs change
  • Alarms/ Notifications to the users when certain criterias happens

A flexible system should be able to

  • Easy to adapt the reports/routines into what data you need to collect
  • Handle more that one report/routine type
  • Can handle different access levels
  • Have alarms when things need attention
  • Can export reports, so you can do statistics
  • Easy to search for reports

I could probably add some more things but these are the most important one, if you ask me. The great thing is that IBM Domino is a great tool to create these types of applications that’s why my company QNova Systems have built all of our applications on this platform and have NO plans of moving away from this platform. Because of the security, rapid development cycle, and document centric data model. We are expanding our suite of applications and will deliver even more corporate applications in the future both for on premise and cloud based deployment. To help companies move away from paper-based work and into a faster and better world, where we don’t cut down trees to print things out, and throw it away.

Go Green with IBM Domino

Go Green With IBM Domino