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The shift of Mobile and Browsers

Interesting day, 4:th of April 2013. 

Google breaks with Webkit and starts a competitor rendering engine Blink and the main reason is that they don’t want to be controlled by Apple what goes into the engine or not. Opera also annouced they will start using this engine. I think this started when Apple did throw out Google from IOS 6, now they throw out Apple from a free ride to browser rendering.

Checkout the developer Q&A

Another big news today was the that Firefox and Samsung is developing their own nextgen rendering engine Servo. Samsung announced earlier that they are going to switch focus from Android to their own smartphone OS Bada, I think that will be difficult for Samsung, look at HP and Web OS.

Facebook also announced an Android facebook takeover application that will take over your phone with Home. It will replace homescreen, dialer and messaging app in your android phone with Facebook Home.

The death of social media

Now Goggle + is here and we have twitter, Facebook, Connections. In all this places people post information. The information is not marked in any way so Personal, Hobbies and work stuff is mashed together in a huge mass.

People gets overloaded with information that they don’t want/need to know. I belive the information needs to be filtered. Lets say you have 300 friends that posts 3 posts on facebook every week. That’s 900 posts a week. thats more than 100 posts per day. If you then also have friends on G+ and Twitter that you follow and they might do double posts how much information do you need to read then. And with some people you want to read about work stuff and other you want to read information about their family. If you are following people globally they perhaps are doing posts in several languages and you are interested in the english posts.
I think that people will stop using these things if the information can’t filtered.
That is what I think, what do you think?