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Are you using my utilities ?

I have released a stability fix for my utility Client Killer now version 3.1 to help you kill the Notes Client if it hangs. You can also clean the log files after you have killed it, I have seen jvm dumps of 2GB in the log folders. If you’re not downloaded it yet get it here –> Client Killer

My other tools designer memory or it should be names Client memory helps you to configure the memory parameters of eclipse in the client. Did you know that the memory configuration is cleared if you install a fixpack? But if you have my tool in autostart it will fix this automatically. Check the Extras folder for the preconfigured icons.  Get Designer memory utility here —> Designer memory

If you have a improvement suggestions or an idea for a new utility, add a comment or send it to me thru contact.

Another XPageDeveloper.com Utility – Client Killer

Tired of killing the Notes client using the command line?

Client killer is the solution for you, a NSD.exe GUI that will find your Notes install folder and with a single click kill the notes client.

Hopefully you will never need to use it but if you do, get your free copy today 

Download Client Killer

nsd.exe high cpu fix run Client Killer