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Two new interesting CLFAD:s in XPages today

I had some strange problems today in 8.5.2FP1 that resulted in error 500.

CFLAD0246: Exception and CFLAD0134E:

The error occurred when executing this line of code currentDocument.save()
Crap I thought some internal error inside the XPages engine. I was searching for the error and thought
perhaps I should see if the error still occurs in 8.5.3. Yes box it did but in 8.5.3, I got and more developer friendly error .

Could not save the document 18B1E NotesException: Vector must contain objects all of the same class

Aha I thought I have some fields that contains multi value so I started to search there and found that I had
an array that contained numbers but in one case JS added text to this array. That was the problerm in this case.

Perhaps if there were a list of the most common CFLADS and what causes the problem would be good to have!

So hurry and upgrade to 8.5.3 and perhaps you will also benefit from some more developer friendly errors.