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Designer Memory Configurator 1.1 update

The utility is updated to version 1.1 after a comment from a user that the memory option of 2048mb doesn’t work. So that one is removed as an option in the utility.


Download it using the link below

–>>> Designer Memory Configurator

The Domino designer short command that saved my day

Today I learned a new XPage Designer short command CTRL+Shift+> what does this do you might ask?

Well how many times have you been in the designer and have tag highlighted and started to scroll upwards or downwards searching for the corresponding tag. That is something you can stop doing now.

You only have to use CTRL+Shift+> and volia you end up at the matching tag

Happy Source Coding

Select your web preview port

Before 8.5.3 local web preview often didn’t work for a number of reasons. Skype blocking port 80,

HTTP Server: Error – Unable to Bind port 80, port may be in use or user needs net_privaddr error

Or some other problem. Now your problems is solved, just open preference -> Domino Designer and change the port to a higher port i.e. 5000.