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Getting data from an HTTPS site in backend using XPages

If you want to connect to an SSL protected site and get information it could be an webpage or a webservice if you are using xpages and the certifier isn’t already in Domino you need to import the certificates.

Open up the Domino Name and adress book navigate to Security -> Certificates

When you are in this view the action menu will have a new option

Select these and import each of the certificates that you have.

When they are imported you need to create a Cross certificate.

Go in to each one of the newly imported certificates and in the actions meny you will have create cross certificate create a cross certificate against the server. Make sure to change from Local to the server in registration server. When you are done.

Restart task HTTP on the server console and you should be able to connect.

If it’s an old Java agent this doesn’t work then you need to import the certificate in the keystore in the jvm.
If you are doing this let me know and I assist you.


Wild click events on my XPage

Today I had a strange issue on an XPage application I was working on I it didn’t matter where I clicked
my button on the form got clicked. Very strange. First thing I started to look for was if I had some onClick event that was bind wrong. Nope that wasn’t the case.

Then I went over to the client side and thought I could find what event listener that was making the call but this doesn’t say anything to me.


Then I started to look at the XSP.Attachevents at the bottom of the xpage

But if you have a large xpage and 20 events attached to it, it’s hard to find what is what. The my suggestion is give you components real names. And it was then I found the problem.
Can you spot the difference

The working client side code
his this the XPage with the faulty code


on’t scroll more spoiler alert










Yes, the partial event listener is bound to an object that doesn’t exist view:_id1:_id5
why you might ask, I found that this happens if a button don’t have a name and is set to do a partial refresh.


Then you will get that you will click the button where every you click on the xpage. Hopefully fixed in a future release with an error or a correctly generated id.

IBM Notes Domino 9.01 XPages Fixlist

If you look in the IBM Fixlist there are several interesting fixes in 9.01

One of them is that we can close an XPage thu code in the Notes client.

Not a big deal you might think but it is when adding xpage functionallity to “old” design notes applications.

If you have another fix that I’ve missed feel free to comment. Ofcourse all fixes might not end up in the release but we hope.

And also don’t miss the

Designer and XPages news in 9.01 webinar on the 6th of november

Check out the news for designer here Link

RGAU9AYMZHfixes a Domino 9.0 regression where users weren’t able to access the logging information from using the XPages application preloader…
SSCT988KPNfixes an issue where Ajax Type Ahead did not work on a DojoText Box when placed inside a container control set to Dojo dijit…
TAIA8U3HPTFixes an issue with the timestamp for “Created On” on the File Download control where the date/time for the creation date of the document got…
RPEA94WS4Jfixes an issue with the View Panel control where its facet with the value “North” closestag prematurely and so does not display items in that…
HOKA959EL9fixes an issue where the dojo.js file was not being cached by the browser for an XPages application
HOKA986CK8Fixes a Domino 9.0 regression with the handling of attachments where if the file names contain square brackets, e.g. [test].txt., three file…
PHAN984C5FFixes a Domino 9.0 regression affecting multi-threading in XPages where NotesContext was not initialized for the thread when running in the…
PHAN96VDHCfixes a Domino 9.0 regression where the onClientLoad event did not get fired when transitioning between application pages on XPages mobile Single…
PHAN96NEKWFixed a Domino 9.0 regression where the Dojo Time Text Box control (xe:djTimeTextBox) becomes disabled when a Dojo Date Time Constraint…
SODY993E7EFixes an issue with the Run On Server feature where applications, left open in the previous Notes session, will fail to be automatically reopened…
TMDS9ASL6JProvides a new notes.ini – XPagesXulAllowScriptsToCloseWindows=1 – that will cause dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows to be set to true in XULRunner…
MNAA99XD8MAddresses a specific issue for uploading files which contain certain DBCS characters in their file names on the AIX platform. File names containing…
PEDS954UQUfixes a content disposition issue with Microsoft IE browsers when downloading attachments of the same name.
DEGN966F5Vreverts the behaviour implemented in Notes Domino 9.0 where the Date Time Picker field defaults to today’s date. The default is now blank, the same…
PHAN94NPVCfixes an issue where documents can not be saved the first time if that document includes an attachment that contains an extra Full Stop\Period in its…
KCAR89QNSEfixes a long standing issue where the document size continues to grow when multiple edits are performed
PHAN99PL7SFixes an issue where an InvocationTargetException appears in the console when XPagesPreload=1 is set on that server. This was a regression in Domino…
MDOY97XJ7Yreverts the performance improvements to the View Navigation behaviours in XPages which was implemented in Notes Domino 9.0. All of the known issues…
YSAI96UFNEFixes an issue where data is lost on submission of a XPage that contains a rich text field that is bound to a plain text data source. The fix now…
PCHE8XLHYLFixes an issue with grouped custom properties which have been marked as required in a custom control did not raise an error when added to an…