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How to get plugins working again after installing 9.0.1 FP2 IF2

The new IF2 for fickpack2 in the Client seams to mess up the locally installed plugin in the Designer client somehow. But there is an easy fix to that.

Close down the client and navigate to the workspace\applications\eclipse folder and delete everything in it (You should probably make a backup before 😉 )

restart the designer and go into File – Application – Install













Select the “Search for new features to install” option and click next


And when you get the next page all you previous plugins should be there and you just click “Finish”

Now the fun part begins by accepting all the licenses. But when that is done and your client is restarted all you plugins should be back.

What are the visitor looking for?

I was doing some reading on google analytics about some stats on my site. The number one search keyword on my site from google is ????

XPages, no

Domino Designer, no

it’s NSD.exe, yes you read this right. with 70% of the search hits is against an article I wrote in 2011 about NSD and cpu usage, the second most searched article is my setup instruction of a mercurial source control server

If I check my articles for 2013 the number one top article is the release of Klient killer 3.0 and the second one is the release of the new version of Designer memory configurator

If I drill down to article of the month in Mars it’s the designer database compare quick tip post followed by Document Locking in Xpages

So the conclusion is that my readers have problem with the client and want a faster client & designer.

The great thing is that Notes 9 is already here and it’s very fast and even faster with my client memory tool.

Get the designer client 8.5 and 9 to run smoother

Designer memory configurator version 2.0 is released. This version has some enhancements to make your life easier. Support for Notes 9 so you can configure the Notes 9 designer client to run even faster.

I have also added so you can control the program using the commandline to get the max potential.

Check out the extras Group where the Designer Memory Configurator is installed. With this command line switch. you can easily add it to the startup of you computer and never have to care about the memory configuration resetting because of installation of Fixpacks or reinstalls.

Happy Coding

Download the new version here –> Designer memory configurator

Notes Client Killer 3.0 released

I have released a new version of the Notes Client Killer, this new version has support for

Notes 9 it also have a new feature Forced Mode, this will kill the tasks for the Notes client like the old
KillNotes application does. I have also repackaged the software so now it comes with an installer to make the installation process better and primary when you want to use it again.

Enjoy and hope it helps you when you are in trouble.

Download Notes Client Killer

XPageDeveloper – Client Killer v1.1 with log file cleaner

A new version of my Client killer software is released this new version has support for cleaning up log files that the Client is producing in the following folders workspace/logs and IBM_Technical_Support. You can run the client killer with and without the Notes client running, If you only want to clean up the log files. 




The size of the log file folders is presented directly when the client is started.

Download the new version here

Designer Memory Configurator 1.1 update

The utility is updated to version 1.1 after a comment from a user that the memory option of 2048mb doesn’t work. So that one is removed as an option in the utility.


Download it using the link below

–>>> Designer Memory Configurator

Domino Designer Memory Configurator is here

Do you want more speed in Domino Designer?

Do you want to configure you designer memory but always forget where to do it?

Did you know that everytime you add a Fixpack of the designer the memory is reseted ?

Now this is no problem just use Designer Memory configurator and with 2 click your memory is increased to the level you need.  

Download it using the link below

–>>> Designer Memory Configurator

Social Development in Domino Designer

I haven’t seen any development addons for Domino Designer that could make it more social.
It would be great to have some integration that you easy could update what design elements or/and databases you are working with.
Also a easy way to update status in your projects.

I would be happy if you could have integration points in the designer that don’t require the use of creating a plugin.
Perhaps a side panel that can load an xpage and some scoped variables gives integration with the designer.

Java UI API support from XPages in the client wouldn’t be bad either.