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Setup a Mercurial or Git Source Control server for Windows

Declan Sciolla-Lynch held a session at LS 12 AD102 about how to setup a RedMine Server for Mercurial.

I needed to see if there where a way to setup a Mercuial repository server that could run on windows it could probably run on other operating systems also but I haven’t tested any other.

If found scm-manager a java server that could handle Mercurial, Subversion and Git the best part of this server is that it has a .war file container to you could deploy it in websphere if you have this setup.

But it can also be used with Tomcat and that setup is what I will show you today.

Follow the Notes in 9 video 041 Source Control on how to setup the designer to use the Mercurial plugin.

1. Download  SCM-Manager it’s the scm-webapp-1.12.war that you want to download

2. Download Tomcat 7  click on the appropriate version for your server.

3. Unzip the tomcat zip file to a folder of your choice

4. Open up the Tomcat-users.xml  in the conf subfolder

here you add your admin user add the following rows

in the tomcat users section

This will add a user called admin with the password admin (select your own password)

Save the file

5. Open a commadn prompt goto the bin folder beneath the tomcat folder

Write service install  This will add tomcat to run as a service.

Start the service

6. Open up a webbrowser

The tomcat main page opens up

7. Click on

Scroll down to War file to deploy

8. Select browse and select scm-webapp-1.12.war and deploy

9. Scroll up scm should now be in the list of deployed applications

10. Click on /scm-webapp-1.11 this is now your url to the repository

11. You will now be asked to login to the SCM Manager

Use scmadmin and password scmadmin

12. Click on Repository Types in the Right Navigation beneath Config

13. All the Mercurial fields are blank when you look at them

Click on Start Configuration Wizard to configure them.

in the dialog box select Download and Install

When the configuration is done. Click on Save.

14. You need to restart Tomcat or SCM-Manager to get the Mercurial as an option when creating repositories.

15. Login to SCM-Manager again and create a user

16. Create a repository and select the type a mercurial.

Now You are done, just start to push your code the the repository.
Perhaps there is a way to convert the .war file to a OSGI package so we can drop the Tomcat server.

Standby Custom control what does it do

I have added my first XSnippet today and it’s the Standby custom control.
If you add the code to a custom control and drag in into an XPage all events done in this XPage will be intercepted and if the event taks more than 200 milli seconds the dojo standby widget will show up and prevent the user from clicking.




Some of the code were originally created by two great XPage guys
Tommy Valand and Serdar Başeğmez 

Two new interesting CLFAD:s in XPages today

I had some strange problems today in 8.5.2FP1 that resulted in error 500.

CFLAD0246: Exception and CFLAD0134E:

The error occurred when executing this line of code currentDocument.save()
Crap I thought some internal error inside the XPages engine. I was searching for the error and thought
perhaps I should see if the error still occurs in 8.5.3. Yes box it did but in 8.5.3, I got and more developer friendly error .

Could not save the document 18B1E NotesException: Vector must contain objects all of the same class

Aha I thought I have some fields that contains multi value so I started to search there and found that I had
an array that contained numbers but in one case JS added text to this array. That was the problerm in this case.

Perhaps if there were a list of the most common CFLADS and what causes the problem would be good to have!

So hurry and upgrade to 8.5.3 and perhaps you will also benefit from some more developer friendly errors. 

Local XPages problem and webpreview port

I wrote about the new function that you could change the webpreview port in 8.5.3
unfortunately this gives you another problem if you change the port.

You can’t run local XPages in the client web preview works fine, if you change the port back make sure you write 80 in the field. If you just clear the field you will still get problems.


Select your web preview port

Before 8.5.3 local web preview often didn’t work for a number of reasons. Skype blocking port 80,

HTTP Server: Error – Unable to Bind port 80, port may be in use or user needs net_privaddr error

Or some other problem. Now your problems is solved, just open preference -> Domino Designer and change the port to a higher port i.e. 5000.


8.5.3 is live on my work machine

I’ve installed 8.5.3 on My work machine.
So far everything works great. Need to really get time to try out all the new features sorting of ft results, running web querysave agents and the PostScript event (this name is really funny and unfortunately it didn’t make it to the Gold Release 🙁  ).
There are so many new functions in 8.5.3 great work IBM getting this out. I’m looking forward to start using this in production.