Designer Mem Config

This little utility is to help you increase the memory limits in the Domino Designer. And with that increase the speed of Domino Designer. No more searching in folders for the property files. 

Just start Designer Memory Configurator, Your current memory setting will display. You change the memory configuration to the memory amount you want the designer to use and click on “Change Memory Config”

Can be controlled using the command line. using -set512 -set768 -set1024 to make sure your designer always have the correct amount of memory.

Download Domino Designer Memory Configurator here –>> DesignerMemoryConfigurator


Version 2.1: Minor updates to fix problem with error accessing registry

Version 2.0: Added Support for the new registry keys used by Notes 9

Added support for command line control of the tool.

version 1.2: Added so also Xmca memory is altered when you update memory, according to IBM support article

version 1.1: Removed 2048mb as a memory option because with this option the client will not start      (Thx Lars Berntrop-Bos for bring this to my attention)

version 1.0: Initial release