NodeUSB the startup – Blinking lights

My NodeUSB Controllers came with the firmware preflashed so I didn’t need to do the first steps of flashing the firmware, perhaps in the future when a new release is out I will look at that step. How to Flash

What I did do was that I started to download the driver unzipped the driver and installed it into my machine. the next step was to download an unzip the java based editor ESPlorer  download here unzip that in a folder on your machine.
Now it’s time to try to plugin your NodeUSB
I attached the NodeUSB, with the debugger and the LED light like this


Next step was to add it into a usb port on my computer Win 7 x64 you will see that windows will start to search for a driver. You can click on the link below that says don’t search on Windows Update because you already have the driver installed. When the driver installation is done, note what Com port that has been assigned to your NodeUSB.

Start ESPlorer in the folder your did unzip it by clicking on ESPlorer.bat


Connect to your NodeUSB by selecting the Com port  and after that click on open


You should then get


You are now ready to try your first piece of code

I have copied the code from this page

local ledPin = 2  −gpio4

gpio.mode(ledPin, gpio.OUTPUT)

if lighton==0 then
    gpio.write(ledPin, gpio.HIGH)
    gpio.write(ledPin, gpio.LOW)


Add that code into the right editor in ESPlorer


When you are done click on Save to ESP  a save dialog will show up and you can select where to save your new code. When that is done your code is uploaded to the NodeUSB and the blinking shall begin. If it doesn’t you might have plugged the LED Light to the wrong usb port.

Note that your file name is added to the right hand list of files on the NodeUSB device.

When you want to end you program click on reset in the lower left corner.


If firmware can’t be detected press Close and open again.