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Xpage – Exception Notes error: You are not authorized to perform that operation

The first you think when you see this is that you don’t have access in the ACL or that the document has reader or author name fields that is blocking you from updating the document. But there is another option on the database that can give this problem.

Maximum internet name and password

On the advanced tab “Maximum Internet name and password” must be set to the level you want a user maximum to have. This will block any other user acess set in the ACL so if you set Reader here all XPage users will be readers even if you assign Editor, Designer, Manager in the ACL.

Took me awhile to remember this option when I got this error, then it’s time to write a post about it.

Remember that a change of this option takes awhile before it starts to work. Fastest way is to restart http.

Other scenario that also can come from this problem.

Changing to edit mode on a xpage document flashing and back to readmode

Setting editDoument on document action not working.

Do you have similar hard to find errors that you have solved for XPages, make a comment with a link to your blog or write directly in the comment.

Left, right, leftback, rightback and replacesubstring in java

I posted some common string functions that I’ve been using alot during the years in @formula, lotusscript (strleft, strright, strrightback, strleftback) and later in SSJS. So I thought that I need them in Java too. There might be some features like the one with dot in the replacesubstring function, feel free to comment so will I fix that 😉

Hope you find it useful. Snippets

view.postscript the connection between backend and frontend JS

Have you ever needed to call a client script after you run some some serverside code.

The answer is view.postScript=”your client side function” this function is available from 8.5.3

The code in view.postScript will be sent back to the browser and executed like onComplete but you can control it from SSJS. Great news or what do you think?

What can I use this for you might ask .

1. Change UI design when the partial refresh has brought up new data

2. If you have a multi window solution use the script to update parent window or close the current

3. Depending of the result do a secondary partial refresh on a case selected panel

If you already used view.postscript, please write a comment about your use case. 

Tuesday is a buzy day 4 webinars

In my original post I had two webinars listed but Howard and Niklas did comments that there is actually two more webinars at the same day.

TLCC Dojo Grids

And also

How to use the social business toolkit

So four webinars with great content on the same day, hopefully they will be available for later viewing.

Standby Custom control what does it do

I have added my first XSnippet today and it’s the Standby custom control.
If you add the code to a custom control and drag in into an XPage all events done in this XPage will be intercepted and if the event taks more than 200 milli seconds the dojo standby widget will show up and prevent the user from clicking. 


Some of the code were originally created by two great XPage guys
Tommy Valand and Serdar Başeğmez 

Watch what you put in you scoped varables

Your XPage app may run out of memory if you put js functions/classes or domino objects in scoped variables because these objects is not Serializable. So because you can it is not always ok to do that 😉

Changing value of an xpage dojo timecontrol?

Does anybody know how to change the value of a xpage timecontrol in a onclick event and the information is still there after a full or partial refresh?

Link to the XPage forum post and all the things already tried

Loading an image from the nsf

>I’m trying to load an image stored in the .nsf file into an java image.

And then adding this into an IText pdf.
Does anybody know how to load an image in XPages?
I have seen examples using this.getClass().getResourceasStream(XXX)
I don’t get an error using this but I don’t get any picture probably the wrong path.
If so Does someone know what path to use if the image is uploaded as an ordinary image or in the web-inf folder.

Xpage Events doesn’t always work after partial refresh

>I had a strange error today, I had an Xpage that when you clicked in the navigation a partial refresh was done and a “document” was loaded into a panel with a title and some RichText displayed inside a computed text control it also had a Back button that executed some server side SSJS.

On some documents the back button didn’t work. I started to investigate.
I found that the javascript at the bottom of the returning partial refresh was never executed.
Something in the richtext HTML did this. But there was nothing wrong in the HTML.
I should also add that the problem only ocurred in IE 8 & 9 with compability mode.
No to the fun part how did I solve the problem.
I created a Div for holding the returning HTML
and below this in the Computed text control, I added a script tag that did a getElementById and assigned the Dokumenttext the tag using innerHTML but to assign the text I had to escape the HTML first in SSJS and then unescape it before I added in to the innerHTML

Strange XPage error on the console.

>I got a strange problem displaying on the Domino console

HTTP JVM: Error while executing JavaScript action expression

The application works with no problem but this is showing on the console every 5 minutes on the console. Then I found that the error was a error inside the code in beforeRenderResponse event.
If found this by adding
try {

around my code.