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Not a sub or function name

If you suddenly start getting errors from a scriptlibrary or on a button in a form or a view.
Errors like this

  • Not a sub or function name
  • Sub or Function Not Defined
  • DB is not declared
  • Variable not resolved
  • Unable to find XXXX

Check that you variables / functions / Subs is declared as public

This is done at the top of the library or form using Options Public

This error can easily be mistaken with 64K library problems, Lotusscript recompile issues and other HCL Domino FP9 and FP10 related issues

Modifying a mime richtext item in Lotusscript

>I have been trying to modifying a Mime Richtext item using Lotusscript but no luck yet.

I have a Mime richtext item with a stored image also in mime and I just want to change the
HTML part not the image part. And every time I try to modify the HTML part it gets changed but the images are gone after saving.
If you have an idea on how to do this please send me an comment.