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>Can’t imagine that any other system is this simple when upgrading

>Upgrading from Domino 8.5.1 with Traveler to 8.5.2 with traveler no problem

and it takes no time.

1. I copied the installation files to the server 3 files
Domino 8.5.2
Traveler 8.5.2
Domino HF for SMTP
2. Shutdown the domino services
3. Started installation files for Domino
4. Started installation file for Hotfix
5. Started installation for Traveler
6. Started domino services again
Total time of upgrade max 15 minutes, bet that Microsoft if you can!!!
Of course we need to upgrade mailboxes but that can be done later no need for that
And there might be some other problems with your server but this server was straight forward no problem 😉
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>Inbox Rules engine could be used for more

>Lotus competencesImage via WikipediaThis if the rules engine of Lotus Notes could be used for more than sorting emails into folders.

When working in the inbox you would like it to help you. Imagine if you automatically could create tasks,calendar appointments from certain incoming emails.
Perhaps create documents in the notebook template to store interesting newsletters.
a more intelligent inbox that can automatically do stuff for you and just leave a summary in the inbox for you like the out of office summary would be a great help to everybody that receives alot of emails.
Googles approach with the priority inbox, that sorts the emails with different priority depending how often you send / read emails to a recipient is also very interesting but that will probably only solve a little bit of the problem.
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>Swedish army changing email

>The swedish armed forces decided to change to Lotus Notes in 2001 and the project was fully implemented in 2005. They have now decided to replace Lotus Notes / Domino with MS Exchange and one of the major reasons why they do this is because Lotus Notes doesn’t support the new security classification that the new SAP system they will begin to use “Prio” require this.

The interesting part is that the company that implements “Prio” for the armed forces is IBM.
So the new SAP system that IBM is implementing will move the 20 000 users from Lotus Notes to Exchange.
Some swedish Links

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