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Featurepack 10 for Domino 9.0.1 is available Now

Check it out but I would recommend that you try your applications first before installing this into your production environment because this is a feature pack and it’s contains the last pieces to upgrade the server to Java 8 and with this update the client gets Java 8 and an upgrade to a newer eclipse version.

Check out Paul Withers post also

URL to server download on Fixcentral –>

Windows Server 64 

Windows Full Client 


Standby Custom control what does it do

I have added my first XSnippet today and it’s the Standby custom control.
If you add the code to a custom control and drag in into an XPage all events done in this XPage will be intercepted and if the event taks more than 200 milli seconds the dojo standby widget will show up and prevent the user from clicking. 


Some of the code were originally created by two great XPage guys
Tommy Valand and Serdar Başeğmez 

Two new interesting CLFAD:s in XPages today

I had some strange problems today in 8.5.2FP1 that resulted in error 500.

CFLAD0246: Exception and CFLAD0134E:

The error occurred when executing this line of code
Crap I thought some internal error inside the XPages engine. I was searching for the error and thought
perhaps I should see if the error still occurs in 8.5.3. Yes box it did but in 8.5.3, I got and more developer friendly error .

Could not save the document 18B1E NotesException: Vector must contain objects all of the same class

Aha I thought I have some fields that contains multi value so I started to search there and found that I had
an array that contained numbers but in one case JS added text to this array. That was the problerm in this case.

Perhaps if there were a list of the most common CFLADS and what causes the problem would be good to have!

So hurry and upgrade to 8.5.3 and perhaps you will also benefit from some more developer friendly errors. 

Lotus Notes Foo or will it be XWork Client

Ed Brill talks about the roadmap for Domino, this is great customers want to know that the road continues. He has made up a name called Foo for the next version of Notes/Domino because the name is not decided yet. But he tells that there will be a 8.5.4 version and a Foo Version or as I think it will be named
XWork Client.
IBM released the new XPage server a couple of days ago and this server is called XWork Server
Link to some info regarding this (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3).
Due to the fact that IBM want to drop the Lotus Notes name, xWork will probably be used instead. I think XWork is a good new name because this describes very good what the Lotus Notes/Domino always has done it eXtends your Work. It’s a eXtra hand when your work.
It’s not just another software, it help you become more productive, it helps you and your colleagues to do more. Lotus Notes was an application framework before that was invented.

So I’m excited to see what the next step is for the XWork framework.


UserRoles in ACL takes forever to apply in Xpages

I have tried a simple test I have a user direct in the ACL. The acl has two roles

User and Admin.
In the XPage I have a button that has a hide when formula that looks like this
return true;
return false;
I have also tried
But it also have the same effect this takes forever to apply If I add the Admin role to a user.
But if I have a notes form with a field and in that field I add @UserRoles
I just have to reload the form and the new user role apply.

I have tried using show nlcache reset ( tip from Erik Brooks) but it has no effect.

If anybody have an idea how to make the acl change apply also in XPages please feel free to comment.

Strange Error, Domino view doesn’t return any documents on webb but from client (Update)

>The problem is now solved and the problem was that the ACL for the database was probably corrupt.

I copied the ACL to another database, changed one entry and copied the acl back to the original database.
Problem solved.
But it was strange
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>The return of the Notes Workspace, thanks Apple

>I had a discussion with a colleague about the simillarity of the Notes workspace and the IPhone / IPad homescreen layout.

If the Notes clients icons would be over the hole icon instead of at the top left corner, and you would add some shading and glossy by it self to the image.
If the background of the workspace would be a high def image and the user could change it by them self.
The Notes Workspace would be a design the users would feel like something new and fresh like the IPhone but it will be the same old workspace.
Then the Icons and the background could look something like this, What a difference…
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>Can’t imagine that any other system is this simple when upgrading

>Upgrading from Domino 8.5.1 with Traveler to 8.5.2 with traveler no problem

and it takes no time.

1. I copied the installation files to the server 3 files
Domino 8.5.2
Traveler 8.5.2
Domino HF for SMTP
2. Shutdown the domino services
3. Started installation files for Domino
4. Started installation file for Hotfix
5. Started installation for Traveler
6. Started domino services again
Total time of upgrade max 15 minutes, bet that Microsoft if you can!!!
Of course we need to upgrade mailboxes but that can be done later no need for that
And there might be some other problems with your server but this server was straight forward no problem 😉
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XPages Event parameters solution found

>It’s very interesting that event parameters retrieval is totally undocumented and there is no articles / blogentries about it on the web. You should know that I have been searching and trying to get the solution thru the community but with no luck.

But Now I have found the solution
When triggering a onClick event the this object will contain a XspEventHandler and
this object has a method called getParameters() this method will return a Java ArrayList.
The arraylist will contain the parameters with name and value.
So to print all parameters you can walk thru them like this
var value=this.getParameters();
var tmp=””;


tmp+=value.get(x).getName()+” – “+value.get(x).getValue();
tmp will then contain a string will all the names and data of the event parameters for you to display.

Check out my article in the application development wiki

>Agent alias revisited in 8.5.2 Gold

>As I wrote before about having aliases on agents that doesn’t have brackets around them.

Although the agent itself is only shown in the agent list, in 8.5.1 this did break the agent name.
And in earlier code drops of 8.5.2 this was an problem too. But as I wrote in my Earlier post I was confident that this would be solved until we reach GOLD of 8.5.2 and it did so if you have used agents that has a name like this “(my agent)” and an alias like this “my agent” this works really well now in 8.5.2.

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