Recovering diskspace Windows

I will continue the theme as the blog post Kim Greene did (tried to make a comment but got blocked as a suspicious bot ????)

The major problem for me on windows servers is not actually files that ends with .tmp it’s files that start with EO and ends with TM.

These can become several GB of data on a busy domino server not really sure what they are used for but if they are not created today I delete them and haven’t seen any side effects due to this.
I use this command to delete the files del <path to temp folder>\eo*tm /S /Q and run it in a cmd file using windows scheduler, you could probably run it using a program document also. But I haven’t tried that one.

In the same area, newer versions of windows seams to do some cleanup in the temp folder that makes xpages uploads to stop working due to the fact that the xspupload folder is removed this is solved by moving the notes temp folder to another location with a notes.ini parameter notes_tempdir.

Feel free to comment with your best clean up tips!!

  1. Christian Henseler

    we’ve seen this for a long time (with XPages apps). In my point of view Domino itself should take care of these Embedded Objects that are temporarily stored in the file system by Domino (or the Xpages App9, but never cleaned/removed.
    In my point of view a bug (in XPages attachment handling), but I’m not a developer to judge this.

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