SVG Images not working in older Domino releases

By default svg images doesn’t work in older versions of Domino like version 9.01, 10 perhaps even 11
I have verified in version 12 and there it work fine without problems.

First if you can you should upgrade to version 12 it has so much great features but if you can’t do this for some reason. Luckily there is an easy fix, in the Domino data directory there is a file httpd.cnf open up this file add add this line below i.e the Images section, placement isn’t important.

AddType .svg image/svg+xml # SVG format

save the file and restart you domino server. Remember that cache is always kicking in if you are trying to check if something like this working ???

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  1. Does it make any difference when you specify the SVGs in the NSFs as file resources?

    Using Designer import the SVG in

    Resources –> Files

    and specifying under the Tab:

    Web Properties

    the Mime Type:


    Thats the way I use them. But I’m running 12.0.2 anyway 😉

  2. Fredrik Norling

    Version 12 has the line added so that will work.
    Perhaps your way also works in previous versions, haven’t tried. ( if anybody has post a comment )
    But that can’t be used if the svg is bundled inside a library as they where in my case.
    Thanks for sharing

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