Xpages on Bluemix

Finally did the beta arrive and I wasn’t dissapointed. Setting up the web start app was very simple, a few minor things but no error.

  • Deployment takes very long and the bluemix dashboard log says started but overall status say not started. Should say starting
  • Before deploying remember to sign databas otherwise you will get an error
  • You need to manually setup connection to backend database.

But overall great first release will be fun to see what the future will give us.

  1. where do you think you can use Bluemix for?

    • Fredrik Norling

      You could host any public facing XPage application and with all the rest of the services in Bluemix you could extend the service very easy.
      That is what I expect to be possible.

  2. I mean specific use cases. public services? stand alone applications? we are used that a notes application is part of a greater environment and often uses services from other apps (e.g. profiles, OU directory)

  3. Fredrik Norling

    That is why i created the post XPages Bluemix the Questions
    because there is alot of questions that needs answers to. Adding an app into a cloud server that has been possible before. The only new now is the price 😛

  4. Thanks … excellent begining Fredrik

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