XPages for Bluemix – The questions

When I started to try out XPages for Bluemix I started to create a list of questions for the future because this is in Beta and between now and Gold release some of this questions would be good to have an answer on.

  • What release cycle could we expect to get for the XPages runtime, in relation of getting new versions of extension library and functionality – Answered a monthly release cycle or synced with openntf extension library upgrades
  • Is it possible to install your own OSGI plugins like Debug Toolbar or the OpenNTF Domino API Answer Yes probably already in the next release
  • How do we run scheduled code that we have runned in agents before – Not at this point but the possibility could be there in a future release Answer
  • How to handle Users/Groups/Roles partial answerGroups is not supported and you are limited to 6 web users in the experimental version of XPages for bluemix
  • How to register users thru code, integrate with LDAP, SAMLNot at this point  partial answer
  • How to control JVM Security
  • How to do an automated XPage build process – Could could add git to a Bluemix project and deploy your code the git See post perhaps we will see a ODP git push to Bluemix in the future that would be great. 
  • How to use other Bluemix Services with XPages Answer Answer2
  • How to package an XPage for Bluemix solution as a temple for multi service deployment
  • can a XPages application be run inside a Docker container
  • How does XPages in Bluemix scale – Answer and a very good one
  • Is the database

I will probably get more questions and will then update this post. I will also add any answers I get to this post. If you know any answer please comment.

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  1. ANother one is, can a XPages application be run inside a Docker container

  2. Thanks for your support! I can see is too soon to do something with this.

    • Fredrik Norling

      It’s a experimental release so it’s only for trying out the technology not for production because there might be changes how it works.

  3. How much memory does an instance need to run XPages reliably at production scale ?

    • Fredrik Norling

      Probably the same amount that is needed in a Linux setup today 🙂 because the xsp engine seams to be a linux virtual machine.

  4. Can you detach attachments for processing or does everything need to be streamed ?

    • Fredrik Norling

      XPages is using local files to handle Java object serialization and also when you upload files tmp files is stored on the server. So some kind of area for tmp files must be there question is only how big.

  5. how to run Notes Client Killer on Bluemix? 🙂

    • Fredrik Norling

      The interesting thing is what happends when someone creates a endless loop in code 😈

  6. You got a ToDo ! – Kwintessential Notes - pingback on 16 July,2015 at 06:51
  7. Steven Podrouzek

    I am trying to figure out why even use Bluemix?! I have a Domino Server and XPages, why do I need Bluemix?! Am I missing something?

  8. The big thing with Bluemix is the service infrastructure around it.
    Internet of things
    Watson, big data analysis.
    Mobile push notification
    Why hosting a full server if you can host just the app and you don’t need the rest.
    But there is still lots of things that need to be implemented, user management, Mail handling, scheduled code and more
    But I think that XPages for Bluemix can really be somthing big and I’m very happy that IBM has made this a reallity.

    • Steven Podrouzek

      Thanks Fredrik. I only deal with small companies with lots of little apps, so Bluemix is probably not for me at the moment. Perhaps one day when I’m at your level of expertise…. 😀

      • I see that you can really use Bluemix for your type of businesses too. Because the initial investment is zero no licenses no servers.

        • Steven Podrouzek

          Yes, but those systems work 16 hours a day almost 7 days a week. I assume that the costs would climb using the CPU and so on. I will read some more on the bluemix site to see how the costs work. Thanks Fredrik

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