News from IBM ConnectED15

Some of the news from IBM Connect

IBM releases early access to IBM Verse.

IBM Verse will come an an Domino solution for on premise deployment later this year

The Domino HTTP engine will get more updates that the previous released updates with SHA2 and TLS 1.0

It will get new HTTP security options as TLS 1.2, PFS and AEAD



the IBM HTTP server addon released with Domino 9 will be deprecated

screen105The NSF Datastore will get updates that we have all wanted for a long time.

View Indexes outside of the database and with this and DAOS we are breaking the 64GB nsf database maximum finally.

Live view updates is a server task that will pull and update view indexes with a interval of your choice this update is already in 9.0.1 FP3


XPages will receive support for encryption and signatures

New backend classes for XPages, Lotuscript and Java agents

There are plans for future upgrades to update java in Domino to 1.7 or 1.8



XPages support in Bluemix, see Niclas article 

Availability for this great new functionality is Q2 2015, price has not been announced yet.

This is the news I have captured, if I missed something please comment

  1. Could you explain what “IBM HTTP server addon released with Domino 9 will be deprecated” means? Will it be removed? Unnecessary?

    • Fredrik Norling

      Thanks for reading my blog, the main reason why IBM bundled IBM Http server with Domino 9
      Was being cause the Domino Http engine only supported SSL 3.0 and it was only implemented for Windows.
      Now with the updates in late 2014 that brought TLS 1.0 and SHA-2 support to the Domino Http engine, the new announcement
      TLS1.2 plus more security features on all Domino platforms. The IBM Http server isn’t needed that’s why IBM deprecates it.
      And yes they will probably remove it but not in Domino 9.x

  2. I don’t get this. IHS/Apache is so much more capable than Domino’s HTTP task in other areas (redirect, virtual hosts) I’d wished they’d supported this on all other platforms too. Now they’re going back instead.

    So I’m looking forward to migrate all those server’s keystores we just moved to kdb back to kyr. Yay.

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