IBM Connect and what I would like to be announced

I usually write a little post about what I would like to see an announcement about in January

  1. XPages for Bluemix leaves experimental hopefully goes Gold.
    So we can use it in production
  2. Lowering the price for data cache used when scaling XPages applications in Bluemix
    pricing today is a joke, data cache cost almost equal to a full instance. So if you want to scale into more instances you have to pay double the price of the instance.
  3. NSF database enhancements both functionality and speed
    Move indexes out of the database, joins, better and faster fulltext search
  4. Data service for IBM Cloudant directly in XPages
    Leverage the full potential of Bluemix directly inside XPages
  5. Database converter from NSF to Cloudant
    Cloudant is almost the same as an NSF database but with more speed and without the need to a Domino server
  6. IBM Verse replaces iNotes as webmail client
    The customers need something new and fresh
  7. Public release of Outlook as a mailclient thru traveler 
  8. Java 1.8 support for XPages 
  9. Javascript v8 support in SSJS 
  10. Domino Designer becomes a Eclipse plugin
    Yes please, let’s get rid of the old version of eclipse and give us access to everything new and the possibility to upgrade it. and have several versions on the same machine.

You can probably think of more things you would like feel free to make a comment

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  1. Support for persistant chats in Connections Cloud.
    Support for proper multi point logons for Sametime/Connections Chat. People change devices many times a day, should not have to log in and out of the service for that.
    Watson in Verse.
    All “lotus” mobile apps scaled up to support all different iOS resolutions.
    Amen on the Outlook support, customers needs it not matter what i think about Outlook. 😉

  2. Jacob Andersson

    Great list. I totally agree and hope for massive announcements for Connect. For me your no 6 and 7 above are really important and let me add some details to it:

    6. Verse as full replacement, both to replace iNotes (or “SmartCloud Notes Web” as it by some reason still is called) as well as Notes rich client
    Verse is great but lack fundamental features to become the replacement for mail that it should be:
    – Calendar and reminders alarms!
    – Offline support (been promised for a year or so now)
    – Display unread emails in folders and choice to display unread emails only
    – Set and edit mail/calendar preferences

    7. Outlook support
    This is a must to eliminate the never-ending end user howls for that client…

    My adds:

    – Connections Chat multiple logins – should be possible to login everywhere
    – Video/Audio support in all Connections Chat clients
    – Video/Audio integration with other SIP devices and bridges (Connections Cloud)
    – The new Guest/Visitor model for Files, where is that? High time for delivery!
    – Nested folders support for Connections Files, number one question at every end user session for Files we are conducting


  3. Great List Fredrik, especially Cloudant as an alternative to NSF.

    My biggest fears are around Fetching data from an NSF, and the performance knocks one faces when manually joining data between Dbs, views or direct collections calls.

    I’m not too concerned about Web Socket Support as I was a while ago, but it would be great to still have it as built in functionality, vs making use of a Bluemix runtime. The less travelling requests have to made the better.

    Maybe I should just accept JavaWebSockets and call it a day.

  4. I think your list is too modest 😎

  5. Being an XPage developer, I’d put No. 10 to the top of the list way above all the others.

  6. Cloudant has neither support for encryption nor reader/author fields. While Notes is the conceptual ancestor of Cloudant (Damien!), it lacks the pieces that make the NSF great.
    You could however, not wait for IBM and create a Cloudant XPages datasource today. All needed apis are there and documented. (and since you could IBM might not)

    • Fredrik Norling

      I know that all the pieces are there but creating the Cloudant datasource is a bit out of my knowledge. But I know it’s not out of yours 🙂

  7. Karl cavallini

    Good list. I would also add new theme using IBM design language. More bootstrap controls..more/improved controls..enhanced grid control,etc.

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