How to add your custom domain to your Bluemix app

When you want to deploy your app to the real world a adress might not be the best you probably want your own domain added. Fortunately this is very simple to do with Bluemix.


Click on the settings icon in the top right corner on your Bluemix Dashboard and select Edit Routes and App Access.


Click on Manage Domains


Click on Add Domain


Write your custom Domain name and press Save


an upload SSL Certificate appears and if you want to accept SSL to you application, you need to upload a certificate to your application.


Add your CRT file i the Certificate file upload control and your Key File and password in the next two fields. And press Upload.

Now you are almost done.

Go back to the first screen


your new domain will now show up as an option instead of

There are several options too create a SSL cert but for test purposes I use it’s a great way to create a free SSL cert or your can get a great price from Digicert that I use for all my professional certs

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