The difference between more or less

Building up expectations before you start using something must be one of the greatest feelings, opening up the box to a new “thing”, Jippi!!!

When you’re looking to buy something, you look at all the features of the “thing” and how that fit’s your list of needs. If the list of features comes from reading a spec or from a video presentation of the feature(s). The feeling when you find a “thing” that meet your list of needs is really great. It’s victory, but have you ever asked yourself the question is this a list of half finished functions or is this a list of functions that has been thought through and are added for a specific reason. Are they added to help you as a user to complete your tasks easier or just to sell the “thing”?

Design is how you treat your customers







After reading “Inside Apple“, I see the difference between adding lot’s of functions instead of adding some functions that really works and is added for a reason. I’ve been a Windows user since Windows 3 and always thought that this is the way everything must work. Why, well because no one has asked them self the question WHY. Why are we adding this function in Word, will this function increase user productivity? How much?

I think the reason why these questions isn’t asked is because the focus is on adding as many features as possible. As a measure of more functions equals more sales, does it?

What is the secret of Apples software and hardware success ?

Have they done this because they keep their teams locked up in airtight cells that is 100% focused on it’s task with no distractions?

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.







Or is it that the have got the key like the quote above. The combine looks, feels and how things works in a unique way. These things is often done by different teams inside a company. If this is what other companies need to adapt to move forward, then social business should be a perfect match because with a Social Business it will be easier to delivering a better product when working together and sharing experiences.

Start to adapt your development processes to become more Social, because I believe Social Developers delivers more and faster. Because all companies want to deliver better products/services, right ?

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