Mastering XPages – a good addition to every XPagers bookshelf

As I promised in my previous article  about the book here is the review of Mastering XPages.

I did read the old Mastering XPages from cover to cover over a couple of days when that one came out. And have been using it as reference but not enough I understand now. While reading the second edition of Mastering XPages I had to go back into the first edition several times, was this really in the first edition? And yes it was, I hadn’t read the first edition enough it seams.

I rediscovered some forgotten knowledge about custom controls and communication between custom controls and setting properties on each other. This isn’t something new it was in the first edition, while rereading the updated parts it really updated and verified alot of knowledge for me. Adding some of the new stuff where you get a new angle to things as performance, extending the Notes client XPinc, Mobile and more. All this information together with real example databases where you can try the explained content for your self. I must really say that this is good starting point if you want to start learning XPages or extend you XPages knowledge but If you are a beginner I would still suggest viewing David Leedys Notesin9 JumpStart to XPages first (yes, I know this one is old but still good)

With the updated old content and the new this is really a gold mine and is an great additional resource to the ICS Community with videos and blog posts this really fills it place and the price is if you ask me a bargain for the amount of information you get. And if you use this code IBM3370 in the checkout on IBMPressBooks.Com you get a 35% discount, I also saw that you get the e-book for $10 extra during May 2014 so for a total of $58 you get the hardcopy and the ebook that you can use for search reference.

And to the Authors, great work. Looking for to the next one, because as I see it now we have Mastering XPages, XPages Extension library and the Portable Command Guide books. The missing one is

The Java Developers guide to XPages
with and without OpenNTF Java API

This could really be an interesting book, so who is interested to write it.

  1. it is really great that you can receive such a discount.

  2. You are going to need an industrial strength shelf to put it on. 🙄

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