Importing a Files and folders into a IBM Domino database

I saw a question today inside a linkedin forum about how to import files and folders into a Domino database and there are several ways on how to do this. Check out these three ways of importing files and folders into your nsf file.

1. Import the files into the webcontent folder using package explorer. using import










Select general -> file system to import files and folders

eclipse file import















Browse for the from folder, any subfolder will be the top folder when imported into web content in this case bootstrap

eclipse file system import

And then your files and folders look like this after the import






2. Enable the database for webdav then you can connect to the database using windows and upload the folder/file structure into domino. Super simple and quite easy to maintain. (Link to how to setup this or this old Codestore post)

3. Build an agent that will import the file resource using dxl check out this TLCC article in how to import using DXL.

  1. Appreciate you doing this, always good to have several ways of doing things, and this is nicely documented.

  2. Patrick – He has made some videos. 2 for NotesIn9 already.

    Fredrik – Great post. I’d LOVE to see a followup on this with examples of how to reference the resources from an XPage. Inside or even outside as I think there are some advantages to that. And aren’t there some issues on referencing resources depending on if you’re on the home page and the “myPage.xsp” isn’t showing and if you open a different page?
    I know one solution was to have the database auto open to a “start.xsp” that then redirected to “home.xsp” just to force that into the url and make linking to these resources easier.

    anyway – If you were inclined, I’d love to see some concise info and examples on how all that stuff worked…

    Great blog post!

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