Creating your first XPage Repository using GitBlit

If you read my last article about setting up your own GitBlit Server with Domino credentials this is the next step. Creating your first repository and pushing up an xpage application to the server.

Login to your git blit server and click on the repositories tab




Click on new Repository at the right hand side of the UI


Give your new repository a name, and write a description if you like.
There is lot’s of other options that you can setup but they are not needed for this example.

Click on the access permission tab



Add owners to the repository, change the access restrictions so your users can view, clone and push.

Also change the authorization control for the users. Now your repository is ready to be saved, so Click on Save.

When the repository is saved, it’s time to get the Repository URL that we need to clone the repository.

Click on your prefered git client software, my prefered client is SourceTree







Copy this URL into your application and clone the repository.

And you are ready to get the most out of your development.

  1. where did the snapshots gone?

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