10 Developer Things I like IBM to show at Connect 2014

Exciting times Connect 2014 is around the corner unfortunately, I’m not attending in person but I will follow it closely as always.

These are the top 10 things I would like to see IBM show at connect

  • Update of Eclipse version in Domino Designer to get better coding environment
  • DOTS Designer Editor, an integrated editor in Domino Designer for DOTS tasklets. So they are as easy to create as an XPage/Agent.
  • Webdav support for attachment editing both for iNotes and Custom applications so users can edit and save files without download and upload attachments
  • Closer integration with Source Control, we want to do automated builds, and better fine tuning of DXL exports (Not all Binary or none binary)
  • New version of One UI that uses responsive design
  • Dojo or JQuery as backend framework for all controls
  • Editor for Faces-config to setup beans and all other things that needs to go in there
  • Social Business Toolkit upgrade for easier use of internet services, twitter, facebook, dropbox and more services. SBT has to much configuring today, with end points and configuring lots of files. This must be easier to get the wider use of this. 
  • HTML5 Websocket support 
  • Better richtext editing experience for the endusers To get a more smoother transition from old Notes Applications to XPage Applications

What thing do you wish??

  1. I’d like to see an XPages development IDE plugin for Eclipse, ideally with basic Form/View setup. I would accept going into DDE for other traditional elements or more complex form and view work.
    Yes to DOTS editor, but more importantly, official support for DOTS.
    I’m happy we faces-config editor, if we can get typeahead support pointing to official schemas (also for theme resources). Current version of Domino don’t like schema stuff at the top of themes (not sure about faces-config).
    Social Business Toolkit working in XPiNC.
    Something to make it easier to create embedded experiences. We have a simple action for an embedded experience email, but most emails are sent on a schedule, not from the UI.
    Free Domino server license for developers. Limit it to, say, 20 users (to allow plenty for testing), but most of my work is done on a local server now.

  2. Once again we ask for new and updated collaboration templates for end-users (blog, forum, survey, cms, …) which will never be released 👿

    Editor for faces config sounds a minor request, no priority, so you will get it 😈

    What about a sandbox environment for developers where they can setup for a limited period a dev environment and invite others?

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