XSnippet Standby Dialog updated on openntf.org

My xSnippet component on openntf.org Standby Dialog Custom control is updated

After some reports about that the previous version of standby dialog didn’t work with older browsers like IE8

I had some time today and investigated and fixed the problem.

This release 3.2 is tested in IE8, IE10 with and without compability mode, Chrome 29, Chrome Canary 31, Firefox 22 and 23

So I hope this is the most tested and working version of the standby dialog control.

And with the fixes between version 3.1 and 3.2 with checks for previous inits for the hijack functionallity it will be more compatible with other customcontrols.

The new version is available thru xSnippets –> Link

Also available as an database download with a test page –> Link

  1. Other than this being a snippet how is it different than this Custom Control on OpenNTF, Xpages Loading Mask Custom Control, created by Mark Hughes?

  2. I don’t know actually I haven’t tried it. Probably very little.

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