Why your business should be in the cloud

Are you an developer or an software administrator?
If you answed Yes, why would you then want to look after or upgrade server hardware ever again?

You should focus on the future of your applications /business not on when harddisks / motherboards needs to be replaced. Another great thing is scaling your business in a cloud enviroment. Traditional you have to size the server after the biggest load. But with a real cloud based solution you can change the size so it fits your needs or the provider does this for you. But you should choose your cloud provider wisely because the service they offer is not the same. These are some things that I thing is important.

  • Ownership of data
  • Speed of access to service
  • Security
  • Price when scaling service
  • Backup and Restore of data
  • User management / Single signon

br />ibm smartcloud

The bottom line is by using a cloud based infrastructure your needs can scale when your business does and you don’t have to wait for new servers to be installed. Your business can grow freely and without any limitations that’s the greatness with a cloud based IT infrastructure.

What is your experience? Make a comment.

  1. We’ve been testing the IBM SmartCloud Engage offering that they’ve rolled out to public fanfare. Comparing it to other offerings out in the interwebs and have been surprised by some. Wanting the Sametime 9 video components but yet have to install on premise in order to provide that but yet Google has the Hangout product that I’ll be testing tomorrow. Being an iSeries shop with Domino runnning native for email and such the IBM product has a lot going for it. They’ve bent over backwards with on premise and virtual meetings to address all my issues. The only other contender I’ve even look at was Alfresco which relies on the Google docs product. It is VERY hard to grasp letting go of the hands-on hardware approach. Letting someone else be responsible for making sure we have our data and services is a very tough sale.

  2. Hi Joe,
    I understand your concern and yes, when using a public cloud like smart cloud engage, Office 365 one of the big issues is that you can’t upgrade as fast or as slow as you want. For most companies a cloud based infrastructure is a great approach to get rid of limitations. But in your case there are some barriers that limits you, unfortunately.

    Thanks for sharing your experience Joe

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