What are the resources you need to know about as a new XPage Developer

I have lately been helping a new XPage developer with his first steps into the XPage world so I thought I should write a post and update my Learn XPage page of XPageDeveloper.com.

What do I recommend you do to learn XPages.

1. Start learning web techniques if you aren’t familiar with them on CodeAcademy.com they have courses on Javascript and HTML. there is also some courses on html.net/ that you can look at

2. Check out the videos on Notes in 9 david Leedy has a great collection of videos start with the

XPages Jumpstart and continue with the rest of the videos

3. Check out the Learn XPages section on XPageDeveloper.com for more resources

4. And if you want to get certified my guide to IBM Notes Domino 9

If you have any great resources that I have missed write a comment so we can help everybody into the world of XPages.

Hcl domino has support for xpages on version 8.5, 9, 9.01, 10, 10.01, 11, 12

  1. The latest version of Domino Designer, because you can set the application to be built in a specific server version.

    w3schools *very* accessible on bookmarks.

    The courage to start looking at the source pane and working out how properties pane settings change the source.

  2. Hi Fredrik, in February 2012 I wrote a blog post on available learning resources on XPages that you and your readers might find useful too.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, it’s very helpful. I started working with XPages about 4 months ago and some of these resources I have already used numerous times.

    Thanks for the link Henrik, that is some useful information as well. I would also recommend the Mastering XPages book.

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