The new XPageDeveloper Utility is here Snippet Sync

Eclipse Code Snippets in HCL Lotus Domino Designer is a great way to develop faster with ready made code snippets, that you can paste into your software. Easy to add and easy to use but there is a major problem. It’s very hard to share snippets within a development team or from a community. And we all like sharing so this is where Snippet Synd comes into the picture. This software helps syncing Snippets categories and all snippets inside that category. Snippet Sync can sync from a file location or a web location so the updating a snippets just became very SIMPLE.

If you don’t know what the designer snippets are check out this Notes in 9 video –> Link

I have also created a GitHub Repository with some snippets to start with. They can be found here. The idea is that these can be contributed from the community or replaced by an official one from in a later release.

Download Snippet Sync Here


Improvement suggestions is always welcome 🙂

  1. Fredrik Norling

    It’s only the first release but I hope it will help distributing code between team members.
    Got the Idea from your Notesin9 Show 🙂

  2. Great idea! Any chance to build this as a plugin/feature to install via an update site instead of a stand alone application?

    • Fredrik Norling

      Also I’m thinking of adding command line control. And perhaps notes.exe launch option when sync is done.

  3. Fredrik Norling

    That is beyond what I know at the moment but you never know.
    Problem today is that designer can’t be running. But if it’s an update site some api to update snippets might exist.

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