Simple Social – It doesn’t have to be difficult

IBM is talking about social business, the press is talking about Social media. 

It all comes down to doing things together breaking down barriers and software like IBM Connections makes the gap between you and your customers/colleagues smaller. Your company can works as one because everybody knows what is happening and the interaction with your customers are faster.

If you have the possibility get together with your customers at their location and take a FIKA (Swedish for Coffee break) and listen to your customers that is how simple social can be.

Or if you can’t, do a Social Online Coffee break thru IBM Smartcloud meetings (Get a free trial) send a Cake to your customers in advance (Sweden: Skicka Tårta  US:Bake Me a Wish UK: thebrilliantbakers). Who doesn’t like Cake and a friendly talk.

Get together do Simple Social, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

  1. my customers are on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn not Connections or Xpages apps. 😎

  2. Fredrik Norling

    Social FIKA works for all customers. It’s a browser world 🙂

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