Use Multi copy paste and increase your productivity

How many times have you had multiple blocks of code that you want to copy to a new place.

Or had information in a excel spreadsheet in multi columns that you want to copy to diffident places.

i.e. a company address. and you start to copy them one by one. I have a solution for you that will increase your productivity. It’s a free clipboard manager that is on Sourceforge Ditto

To set it up your should install it and go to options – Keyboard shortcuts

set the send paste check box and add Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+0 into the position fields


Let’s start to be productive.

  1. Lotus Notes had a feature where you could keep appending rich text to the clipboard. It first appeared in Notes 2.0 and might well be in Notes Basic today, it was definitely in 7.x.

    It worked this way, copy the first part of information to the clipboard with Ctrl+Insert

    then append more to the clipboard by using Ctrl+Shift+Insert

    Then to paste all the combined clipboard items Shift+Insert.

  2. Fredrik, yes, Ditto is great! I’ve been using it for quite a while and I wouldn’t know how to work without it anymore 🙂
    I use CTRL+² to activate Ditto, it is a fast and ergonomic key combination to me.

    @Carl: that’s cool! I’ve never been aware of this feature, I just tested it in 8.5.3 and it still works!
    And guess what: it works in Designer as well! For instance, copy a field from form A (CTRL+INS) then add some fields from form B (CTRL+SHIFT+INS), and finally paste it in a form C (CTRL+V or SHIFT+INS).

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