Guide to IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Development Certification

The development updates are out and it’s time after the summer to start thinging of dooing the update test. because everybody wants to be a Notes/Domino 9 certified developer right?

I have added resources as links to allmost all parts of the LOT-408 certification requirements list if you find more resources let me know and I will update/add more references to the list.

Let’s check what the requiements to do the test. (from the cert page)

What’s new in Notes Domino 9 resources (Entries above with no link can be found in the resources below)

Wiki Designer 9 News Video1 Video2 cheatsheet pdf from TLCC

  1. Is there any requirements for traditional Notes Client Developement? Well there weren’t a lot (if any) new features for this topic in Notes/Domino 9..

  2. Fredrik Norling

    There will most certain be questions about the browser plugin and detecting runtime environment. Check my previous post.

  3. good collection.. funny that some features are listet, which are rather buggy (e.g. Configure server-based application accessed from the IBM Notes client to run directly on the IBM Domino server)

  4. TLCC will have a course soon to prepare folks for this update exam:

  5. Patrick Kwinten

    @Howard: what about certification for those who are on 7?

  6. Fredrik Norling

    @Patrick, the update tests for developers below 8.5 was withdrawn 30/6 2013

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