Get the designer client 8.5 and 9 to run smoother

Designer memory configurator version 2.0 is released. This version has some enhancements to make your life easier. Support for Notes 9 so you can configure the Notes 9 designer client to run even faster.

I have also added so you can control the program using the commandline to get the max potential.

Check out the extras Group where the Designer Memory Configurator is installed. With this command line switch. you can easily add it to the startup of you computer and never have to care about the memory configuration resetting because of installation of Fixpacks or reinstalls.

Happy Coding

Download the new version here –> Designer memory configurator

  1. I got
    Error 404 – Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

  2. Fredrik Norling

    Sorry something was wrong with the link. Now everything should work as expected.

  3. Giulio Campobassi

    A handy tool, but I would have thought this could have been something built into the original Notes installer. It’s not such a hard thing to detect total memory for a client and then offer the user a choice is it ?

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