Backup and Restore your Domino Designer settings

There is alot of settings in the designer client, displaying linenumbers in the Lotusscript editor, different settings in the editors. And when you have done all these settings you never remember what you have done when everything is working like you want it to do. A backup of you settings would be great but how to you do this?

(My screenshoots are from Designer 9 but this works in older versions also )

Quite simple actually, open up package explorer right click in panel and select Export

Import Export

Open General and select Preferences and press Next

Saving Preferences

Export All, Browse where you want to save you backup.

What to export

And press finish, now the backup is done.

If you want to Restore the backup later if you have a new installation or restore everything after you have done some modifications.

Select Import instead of Export at the first step


Select General and Preferences in the next dialog and press Next


Browse for you backup file, select import all and press Finish


You have now restored you settings from an backup file.

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