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What are the resources you need to know about as a new XPage Developer

I have lately been helping a new XPage developer with his first steps into the XPage world so I thought I should write a post and update my Learn XPage page of

What do I recommend you do to learn XPages.

1. Start learning web techniques if you aren’t familiar with them on they have courses on Javascript and HTML. there is also some courses on that you can look at

2. Check out the videos on Notes in 9 david Leedy has a great collection of videos start with the

XPages Jumpstart and continue with the rest of the videos

3. Check out the Learn XPages section on for more resources

4. And if you want to get certified my guide to IBM Notes Domino 9

If you have any great resources that I have missed write a comment so we can help everybody into the world of XPages.

Hcl domino has support for xpages on version 8.5, 9, 9.01, 10, 10.01, 11, 12

Update: What is the next xpagedeveloper utility?

With my two client utilities I have recieved several email with greatful users. I think it’s time to expand the family of utilities but what should be the next one?

What do you need? Have any ideas ? Write a comment and let me know.

Update: I have an interesting developer utility in development that will probably be released in the next couple of weeks. 

XSnippet Standby Dialog updated on

My xSnippet component on Standby Dialog Custom control is updated

After some reports about that the previous version of standby dialog didn’t work with older browsers like IE8

I had some time today and investigated and fixed the problem.

This release 3.2 is tested in IE8, IE10 with and without compability mode, Chrome 29, Chrome Canary 31, Firefox 22 and 23

So I hope this is the most tested and working version of the standby dialog control.

And with the fixes between version 3.1 and 3.2 with checks for previous inits for the hijack functionallity it will be more compatible with other customcontrols.

The new version is available thru xSnippets –> Link

Also available as an database download with a test page –> Link