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Tuesday is a buzy day 4 webinars

In my original post I had two webinars listed but Howard and Niklas did comments that there is actually two more webinars at the same day.

TLCC Dojo Grids

And also

How to use the social business toolkit

So four webinars with great content on the same day, hopefully they will be available for later viewing.

Two webinars you don’t want to miss next week

On Tuesday there are two interesting webinars the first one is June Collaboration Talk, IBM Forms is the talk of the day and also a short Intro by me and what I do.

Signup for Collaboration Talk

The second Gamification with XPages presented by Chris Toohey
Gamification webinar sign up here

QuickTip: Get right path when autolaunching an XPage

If you are using relative urls to you resources you might have got the problem with dead images and resources that doesn’t load. The obvious choice is to add the full url to the images.


The problem is often related to when you autolaunch an XPage on database open.

Notes Autolaunch Tab

But there is another way than adding the full url for the problem. You need to add a trailing slash to your path then everything will work as expected again. And using these few javascript lines added to your front page onload event or in a script on the page will fix the problem.

var h=window.location.href;


Can lifeblogging gadgets help solve crime

Both Google Glasses, Narratives (Memotos) that record and takes photos more or less without the surrounding knowing it does, it’s debated that these gadgets  is a intrusion of privacy. But what if the gadget recorded a violent crime and that could be solved because of the recording. Then I would expect that many of the people concerned about these new devices would think that the gadget was very good. So there is always a god and a bad side of things. I think that these kind of devices could help solving crimes when they get out into the public. I believe that people will be more willing to record ongoing crimes and send the movies to the police than ever before, because there is less chance that the criminals see that they are recorded.

And hopefully they will do more good than evil, only the future can tell.